the process 

Expect to have fun! Expect to roll around, laugh, smile, kiss and do all kinds of silly prompts. A lot of people are nervous when it comes to their session. But, I promise there's nothing to be nervous about! From our initial emails I will walk you through the entire process, We will chat about your vision, outfits, location, and everything in between. I usually get my couples to create an inspiration board on Pinterest so I can visually see what they're dream photoshoot is. When it comes to the session I will guide you through it all. We will go through tons of prompts to get you guys comfortable. 

What is a prompt? Prompts are instructions I will give you to get you guys moving around. This brings out real, authentic moments that help to truly reflect your personality. I don't 'pose' my clients. For me posing seems unnatural and I want to create genuine moments that I can capture. One of my favorite prompts is machine gun kisses. What does that mean exactly? I will get you two to face each other and instruct one partner to kiss the other as fast as they possibly can all around their face. Sometimes I will even get you to dodge them! This prompt really does create the most genuine smiles and laughs. 

I want to make your experience as easy and carefree as possible. Not only are you my client, but you become my friend! 

what should you wear? 

let's chat outfits 

Isn't that the most important question? Outfits are SO important and have such a big impact on your photos!! Colors, patterns, and textures play a huge part in your session. I always suggest to stay within neutral colors such as creams, browns, terracottas, grays, and blacks. I personally LOVE browns and creams. Incorporating textures and patterns make such a difference too. When deciding on your outfits keep in mind the location of where your session takes place. Wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. If you're wanting a very playful session I recommend jeans and a top! It gives us the freedom to do so many fun prompts that you wouldn't be able to do in a dress! If you have a specific outfit in mind, then we'll choose a location that best matches that theme. 

I suggest to steer clear of harsh colors like reds, blues, greens, and purples. ALWAYS wear something that makes you feel your best. Dresses are a great option for girls! It adds a layer of movement to your photos and gives that very timeless, romantic feeling. For the guys I suggest Khakis, whether that's shorts or pants they are such a great option. Jeans are a great too! What you wear can impact your photos. With my specific editing style neutrals work best to create the very warm and romantic vibes. Your session is authentic to you. Each session is specifically planned to create everything you want and more within your dream photos. I will give you all the tips and send you tons of outfit ideas that would best match your vision. Outfits are one of my favorite parts because there is SO many options.