Wow! Honestly, where to begin? Well first, simply put, i love love. I love reading about love. I love watching movies about love. I love experiencing love and bringing love to life. All day everyday we love. With every new couple I meet, I fall in love. (That sounds weird right?) But it's true. I get to meet you, hear about how you met, i get to make you laugh, and i get to experience your love. But most of all, I get to capture you and your love. I love capturing the in between's. Our lives are filled with moments. Big, little, and small. But they ALL matter. And within all your moments, i'm capturing them and turning them into a story. I'm bringing it to life. So yeah, I fall in love with your story. I want to create memories that you can look back on years from now. I want you to be able to remember how it felt. 

How did this all begin? The short story is, i've had a camera in my hand since I was about 5 years old. Photography has always played a huge part in my life. Growing up my parents constantly had a camera out taking pictures of me and my brothers. They captured EVERYTHING. So naturally, it became something I loved. I would shoot random things around the house and make video tutorials constantly. But, I also have always loved love. For my whole life I've always felt as if I had some kind of bigger purpose. I knew I wanted to create an impact on peoples lives. And for a long time I didn't know what that would be. When I decided I wanted to pursue photography seriously, immediately i knew that it was couples that I wanted to shoot. I wanted to capture love. I wanted to capture laughs, and kisses. There was really no question for me. I knew this was my path. It was my purpose, my mission. This is how I create an impact. I bring to life moments that you can cherish forever. I started my journey in 2021. I was 15. Yes. I said 15. Isn't that crazy? But since then I have met so many amazing people and I've made so many new friends. I love meeting new people and learning all about you.   

North Carolina is my home. And wow does it have some of the most magical places. From the beaches to the mountains, and all of the little towns in between. I'm a total bookworm. Don't even ask me what my favorite book is because I have too many. Can you guess the genre? Romance, duh. With a little bit of fantasy mixed in between. My favorite show of all time is Gilmore Girls. Seriously, I can practically recite all 7 seasons AND the limited series. I have a Diet Coke literally everyday. I'm addicted.  It's hard to choose, but one of my go to foods is french toast. Or pizza. Or mac n cheese. Or Chic-Fil-La. I love to see new things, but I'm absolutely a homebody. I'm super short so I'm always on my toes while shooting. And you're not allowed to laugh at me if I fall. (Yes, it happens often) I have the cutest Golden Retriever in the world, her name is Sunny. There's so much more I could tell you here, but I'll most likely tell you when we meet. I'm a total chatterbox. :) 

Capturing the 

in betweens




We met in 2020 and officially started dating on July 4th. We were 14 & 15. Literal babies!! He is my best friend and the love of my life. I truly wouldn't be here doing this without him and his support. He comes with me to ALL of my sessions, so you'll usually see him sitting in the car. I will probably talk your head off about him and how amazing he is. Kota is the most kind hearted person you'll ever meet. He is truly my other half. Along with being my assistant he's also an HVAC Tech. (I could never) Everyday I fall more in love with him. I am so beyond grateful to have someone who supports me and pushes me to follow my dreams. When I am down he never fails to lift me back up or put a smile on my face. 

my best friend